Magical Chesterfield wedding venues: decorating the room

Your wedding day is a day for magic; a day where your dreams become reality.   

Once you’ve booked the church, agreed on your wedding reception venue and chosen that all important wedding dress, your minds will no doubt turn to transforming the space you’ve chosen for your wedding reception into something unique, personal and stunning.

Wedding function venue

Beautiful ceiling drapes at Ashover Parish Hall

At Ashover Parish Hall we’ve hosted all types of weddings, from the traditional to the more unusual, and have found that the most stunning results come from careful planning and consideration of how you want the space to look on your big day.

Whether or not you are considering holding your wedding at Ashover Parish Hall, read the tips from our wedding planner to see how to get the best results from your wedding venue.

  1. Don’t blow the budget.  Be realistic about your budget before you begin to decide how to decorate your room.  Once you’ve agreed on a realistic fund you can go ahead and start to make your dreams reality.  Remember that decorating the room can be an expensive business so consider ways of making your dreams a cost effective reality by scouring second hand shops, hand making your own decorations and utilising the skills and talents of your friends and family.
  2. Reflect the room.  Whether you’re holding your wedding reception in a barn or in a grand hotel try and choose a decoration style to bring out the best in your venue.  Work with rather than against the venue to really get the best from the room.
  3. Thematic direction.  Opt for a simple theme to make decorating the room doddle.  You could choose a simple yet stunning colour scheme of whites or ivories, or choose to add some elements of black for added glamour.  As well as planning the colour scheme, the style of your wedding becomes part of the theme.  Decide whether to choose chic and modern, simple and rustic, or a retro and vintage theme for your wedding decoration.  Whatever theme and colours you choose, consider reflecting this in all aspects of your day such as the save the date cards, invites and order of service.  This will have the added bonus of giving your guest a flavour of your wedding.

    A sparkling theme at Ashover Parish Hall wedding venue

    A sparkling theme at Ashover Parish Hall

  4. Space savers.  Consider how you would like to use the space for your wedding reception.  Consider talking to the wedding venue to organise popping over whilst another wedding is in flow to see how they have made the most of the space.  Talk to the venue to discuss different options for the space.  It might even be an idea to have a trial run and set up the space for your wedding as you would like well in advance of the big day.
  5. It’s all in the lights.  Think about how you might want to use extra lighting in the wedding venue.  Tea-lights, paper lanterns and fairy-lights all add a magical dimension to your wedding venue and help to create that spectacular image of your wedding.
  6. An empty canvas.  Think about the wall-space and ceiling at your wedding reception venue.  Can you make the most of any pictures already hanging or would you prefer to add drapes, swags and sashes to create fairytale scene?  We have used wall-coverings from Fisher Marquees to create a stunning setting with a magical feel.
  7. Luscious linens.  Chair coverings, table covers and napkins are often one of the last things to be considered yet they help to establish the theme and colour for the day.  You could opt for mismatched shabby chic colours and patterns, simple, plain neutral colours, or more unusual and statement colours depending on the theme of your wedding.
  8. Ashover Parish Hall transformed

    Ashover Parish Hall transformed

    Finishing touches.  Your wedding reception becomes your own with the finishing touches.  tealights, scatter crystals and candelabras will help to establish a chic and glamorous feel,whilst bunting, paper lanterns and hand-crafted place settings result in a more vintage feel.

However you wish your wedding reception venue to look, always work with your wedding venue to help them make your dreams reality.

We hope you will consider holding your wedding at Ashover Parish Hall.  Have a look at our Facebook page to get an idea of some of the ways our halls have been transformed by our guests.  If you would like to come and have a look at the hall, or discuss ways we could help you revamp our Chesterfield wedding venue then please get in touch.

Wherever you choose to hold your wedding reception: good luck with your wedding!

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