Choosing a function location: Chesterfield function venue

Functions are opportunities to celebrate special occasions, from weddings to christenings and
anniversaries to birthdays. Choosing an outstanding venue for your function is a key way of ensuring your event creates magical memories and special moments. But how do you go about choosing the venue which will make sure your event is as special as the occasion? Read our guide on selecting the right venue for the right function to give you an idea of what you should consider.

At Ashover Parish Hall, near Chesterfield, our unique and modern parish hall has been hosting special functions since the 1980s meaning our experienced function organisers know what’s important when it comes to event management. Whether or not you are considering using Ashover Parish Hall as a function location, our guide will help you make an ideal choice for your function venue.

1. Occasional choices. What special occasion are you marking? Many events have traditional
structures and expectations which you may wish to consider before choosing your venue. For instance, christenings and wedding breakfasts are typically daytime events, whilst anniversaries and birthdays are often celebrated in the evening. Find out whether your
potential function venue can suit your expectations.

Wedding function venue

Wedding reception at Ashover Parish Hall

2. Event. Consider the type of event you want to host. Are you looking for an outside celebration or are you hoping to host a formal sit down meal? You might want to check your function venue has space for dancing or even an ice cream van. Do you need space to place gifts or display a special commemoration? You might also want to check whether the venue has things like audio visual equipment available. Visit a list of function venues to make sure they have the space to accommodate your celebration ideas. At Ashover Parish Hall we have a range of internal rooms ranging from the airy Amber Hall to the intimate Rattle Room, as well as space outdoors.

3. Space issues. The type of function you are hosting will affect the number of guest you wish
to have. Have a clear idea of the number of guests, and whether this may change during the
course of the function, before you start considering function venues. Check with the venue
to find out how many they can accommodate and whether this will change depending on
whether the event includes a sit down meal or a buffet option.

4. Catering options. Catering is frequently a key factor of successful functions. Do you want a buffet or sit down meal? Or even a barbeque or picnic? Do you want the venue to cater for you or are you planning to bring in outside caterers? Decide what you would like from your
function before you investigate function venues. At Ashover Parish Hall we have a very modern and especially well-equipped kitchen as well as a well-stocked, fully licensed and staffed bar. We can work with you to choose excellent local caters for your function.

Evening Function at Ashiver Parish Hall

Evening function at Ashover Parish Hall

5. Budget considerations. Have an idea of how much you have available to spend on your function before you begin to make plans. Contact the venue to get an idea of their costs and adapt your plans accordingly. At Ashover Parish Hall we have a range of budget options depending on your function needs.

When planning your function, try and visit at least two potential locations and put yourself in the position of one of your guests. Does the location provide everything they may need? Ashover Parish Hall have a very experienced team and would love to discuss your Chesterfield function with you. Contact Alex or Jessica to discuss what you would like and how we can help.